Exalty Events

November 2020

Toornament management link to Discord & Epic Games Replays

Tech : Typescript, Node, Discord.js, Fastify, .Net, Epic Games OAuth, Discord OAuth

Discord x Stripe Bot

October 2020

Create a bot who link Stripe subscriptions to discord roles

Tech : Typescript, Node, Discord.js, Stripe, Wireguard, Caddy, Debian

Qwixx Generator

October 2020

Application to generate Qwixx support

Tech : Node, Canvas Generation

Discord Global Ban Bot

October 2020

Create a bot who manage bans across servers

Tech : Typescript, Node, Discord.js

Sec Notify

September 2020

Notify on new SSH Connection & SSH Jails

Tech : Node, Discord.js


September 2020

Monitoring services from HTTP OR PORT

Tech : Typescript, Node, Jest, MongoDB

Discord Moderation Bot

December 2017

Discord Moderation Bot for Epic Games - Fortnite Official Discord

Tech : Node, Fiddler, etc

Fortnite API

December 2017

Fortnite open source api