Quentin Laffont - Profil
When I work on a project, My prorities is your priorities. Each project is different. You need to know what do you want, what are your requirements and we can discuss. With this, we can be sure at 100% that your project will be a success.


You need to have a new website ? You want a static website, you want to create one with a CMS like Wordpress, you want to have a theme and code your website ? I have what you need and what you are waiting for !

Back-End Application

You need to build a strong Rest-API to connect your data with your application, you need to create an application to be used on a Smiirl Counter to display for example your incomes ? We can do it !

Architecture Consultant

You don't know which provider you need for your applications, you don't know which technology you need to be more efficient and more powerfull for your project ? We can talk about it and found your needs !

Discord Bot

I love Discord ! Probably like you ! But you want to connect your application, your data and your services (like Github, Trello, etc.) on your company server; but you don't know how to do it ? I can do it !