ProjectsSome recent works

Next Protected Auth - Sep 2022

Next.JS Protected auth plugin

typescript, authentication, nextjs, routing

Fastify Auth Prisma - Aug 2022

Fastify plugin with Prisma to make simple & secure authentification middleware.

fastify, unify-fastify, prisma, TSDX

Rosetty & Rosetty-React - Apr 2022

Complete Intl/I18n solution for browser and node

rosetta, date-fns, TSDX

Le Studio Exalty cover

Le Studio Exalty - Mar 2022

Website who make possible to add interaction in streams

Next, Streamdeck, Tailwind, Twitch

env-vars-validator - Jan 2022

Validate your environment variables with AJV


Website Exalty cover

Website Exalty - Nov 2021

New website to make edit content easier with a focus on speed.

Next, Tailwind, Discord, Stripe, Youtube, Twitter, Twitch

ACOM Bot - Oct 2021

Create a bot who link Stripe subscriptions to Discord roles.

Typescript, Node, Discord.js, Stripe, Wireguard, Caddy, Debian

Wiseguy Bot v2 - Jan 2021

Create a bot who link subscriptions from Stripe and Chargebee to Discord roles.

Typescript, Node, Discord.js, Stripe, Chargebee, Paypal, Wireguard, Caddy, Debian

Exalty Events - Nov 2020

Tournament management connected to Discord & Epic Games Replays.

Typescript, Node, Discord.js, Fastify, .Net, Epic Games OAuth, Discord OAuth

Qwixx Generator - Oct 2020

Application to generate Qwixx © support

Node, Canvas Generation

Discord Moderation Bot - Dec 2017

Discord Moderation Bot for Epic Games - Fortnite Official Discord.

Node, Fiddler, etc